Montney Leads the Charge
Production rates are climbing as operators drill longer laterals and pump higher proppant tonnages. The highest-rate wells are found within the AB Deep Basin and NE BC plays, where...
Feature Article
February 6, 2019
Rigging Down Another Oil and Liquids-Focused Year
2018 operations fell into three camps: deep, expensive liquids-rich plays (Montney and Duvernay); shallow, less expensive oil-prone plays like the Viking, Mannville, Cardium, Madison Group...
Feature Article
January 30, 2019
Pushing the Limits
Montney and Duvernay operators set new records for highest proppant tonnage, number of stages, and longest lateral in Western Canada to date.
Feature Article
January 23, 2019
A Tale of Two Zones
The Duvernay and Montney attracted the top land dollars in 2018.
Feature Article
January 16, 2019
A Differentially Different Year
Although 2018 probably won’t be remembered fondly by the oil and gas industry because of widening differentials between WTI and our Canadian crudes, there were definitely some highlights...
Feature Article
January 9, 2019
Hazy with Periods of Sunshine
The 2017 activity summary for Western Canada reviews drilling, production, completions and land sale results. The focus is on the five most active plays—Montney, Spirit River, Cardium,...
Exploration Review
January 24, 2018
An Unforgettable Year
This 2016 exploration summary of Western Canada reviews the drilling activity and results in seven plays being developed with horizontal drilling and multi-staged fracs. The Montney and...
Exploration Review
January 26, 2017
Slickwater, Gelled Water, Surfactant, Oil, Hybrid, Other
Hydraulic fracturing is the pumping of a fluid system into a reservoir using high pressure. A variety of fluid systems exist, each with distinct characteristics that affect fracturing...
Technology Update
March 24, 2016
The Perfect Storm
This 2015 exploration summary of Western Canada reviews the drilling activity and results in seven resource plays being exploited with horizontal drilling and multi-staged fracs. The...
Exploration Review
January 28, 2016
Western Canada
A third of the 130,000 pools discovered in the WCSB since the 1880s have been abandoned. Why were they abandoned? Can any be resurrected?
Digest Spark
November 25, 2015