Teine Energy

Cardium and Viking Waterfloods
Most tight oil reservoirs in Western Canada are in the primary exploitation phase. Recovery factors are low, and large volumes of oil are left behind. Waterflooding has the potential to...
Exploration Review
April 25, 2018
2/14-26-30-21W3 Viking Oil
Teine increases Viking Dodsland oil rates with extended reach horizontals.
Significant Well
August 24, 2017
Dodsland, SK
An analysis of Viking EURs in the greater Dodsland area shows that the current practice of downspacing to 16 wells per section remains effective.
Digest Spark
March 30, 2016
A Comparison of Production Areas
An analysis of how geology and completions influence production at Smiley-Dewar/Kindersley, Plato, Plenty and Esther.
Resource Play Overview
May 21, 2015
Greater Dodsland, SK
Horizontal technology has breathed new life in the Dodsland Viking Play, but results have been mixed. Only about 3-4% of the OOIP has been recovered through drilling vertically over all...
Digest Spark
December 31, 2013
"Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over." ~ Mark Twain
The oil and gas industry is searching for ways to mitigate the amount of fresh water used in its hydraulic fracturing operations. This article investigates some of the ways that industry is...
Exploration Review
June 30, 2014