Jarvie–Newbrook, AB
An emerging Upper Mannville oil play in the Jarvie area is similar in stratigraphy and development style to the Clearwater heavy oil play at Marten Hills.
Digest Spark
October 24, 2018
The Emerging Clearwater Heavy Oil Play on the Edge of the Oil Sands
A new cost-effective Clearwater heavy oil play is emerging at Marten Hills in an area traditionally known for large-scale, capital-intensive oil sands SAGD operations.
Exploration Review
June 20, 2018
Wabiskaw Gas
As the industry has shifted dramatically toward gas exploration, prospects such as the Canada Northwest Peter project become increasingly important to review. This Wabiskaw discovery has...
Exploration Review
June 30, 1993
Provost, AB
The Alberta W4 Provost Play, which extends across ~8,000 square miles in SE Alberta, has been aggressively pursued since 2010. As of early 2014, from 468 wells drilled, a total of ~5,000...
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June 18, 2014