Waskahigan—Pine Creek, AB
Longer wellbores, more stages, and more proppant equals greater productivity for Encana at greater Kaybob.
Digest Spark
July 11, 2018
Linking Well Performance to Completion Practices Using Statistical Analysis
Multivariate statistics can uncover hidden patterns in your data that link well performance to completion strategy.
Exploration Review
June 23, 2016
A Comparison of Stratigraphic Units
Canadian Discovery Ltd. analysis reveals how geology, activity and completions influence production and economics at Swan Lake.
Resource Play Overview
November 19, 2015
All Quiet on the Northern Front
Discovered only five years ago, the Ladyfern Slave Point Gas field spurred considerable exploration activity in northwestern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia. However, what is...
Exploration Review
October 31, 2004
Slave Point Gas
Last year's blockbuster well at Ladyfern, British Columbia set the tone for this year's hottest prospect area. Murphy, Beau, and Shell's discovery at a-97-H continues to draw attention...
Exploration Review
April 30, 2001
The Ongoing Quest for Slave Point Gas
Ladyfern is not the end of the Slave Point story in northeastern British Columbia. That is the notion held by various operators, both small and large, who are exploring a vast region of the...
Exploration Review
February 28, 2002
Two Years After Discovery
The Murphy Beau Shell discovery well at a-97-H/94-H-1 caught the Canadian exploration community by surprise two years ago, with gas production tested at a rate of 100 mmcf/d. Wells like...
Exploration Review
February 28, 2002