Waskahigan—Pine Creek, AB
Longer wellbores, more stages, and more proppant equals greater productivity for Encana at greater Kaybob.
Digest Spark
July 11, 2018
Kaybob, AB
Wells completed with sliding sleeve technology show comparable production to wells completed with the more common plug and perf technology, but require longer pumping times.
Technology Update
June 13, 2018
Completion Technology Update
Technological advancements are allowing operators to implement coil-activated sliding sleeve technology in deep, high-pressure reservoirs such as the Montney and Duvernay. Operators are...
Technology Update
May 25, 2017
Kaybob, AB
Chevron applies diverter technology to stimulate the toe section of a Duvernay well without the use of bridge plugs.
Digest Spark
January 18, 2017
Big Catch, B’y
Thirty years after the giant Hibernia discovery in the shallow waters of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin off the Newfoundland coast, the deepwater realm is yielding its first discoveries in...
Exploration Review
April 21, 2016
Kaybob/Willesden Green/Waskahigan, AB
Duvernay production results improve consistently as operators learn the intricacies of the play.
Digest Spark
August 19, 2015
Canada's Own "Northern Gulf of Mexico"
Despite a regulatory process for the building of a gas pipeline that seems to drag on and on, resource exploration is ongoing in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, albeit at a reduced pace....
Exploration Review
February 29, 2008
Under-Explored Region Being Vigorously Pursued
NTS Map Sheet 94-O in northeastern British Columbia has recently seen a surge of exploration activity. Gas reserves in the Cretaceous Chinkeh and Mississippian Mattson formations are two of...
Exploration Review
January 31, 1998
Wabamun Gas
Fractured and dolomitized carbonates of the Devonian Wabamun Formation are host to two spectacular gas pools recently discovered by Burlington and Chevron. Production from the August 2000,...
Exploration Review
December 31, 2001