Wells Spudded June 1 to June 30, 2018
Activity rebounded in June 2018, though still down from June 2017. The Viking, McMurray and Montney were the most active zones. CNRL spudded the most wells amongst operators.
E&P Analysis
July 25, 2018
Medicine Hat, AB
Shallow gas postings for the August 8, 2018 Alberta land sale suggest a counter-cyclical attempt to acquire modestly priced underdeveloped acreage in southeastern AB.
Digest Spark
July 18, 2018
Grande Prairie—Rycroft, AB
Multiple operators are using horizontal drilling to target at least three unconformity-related plays within the Charlie Lake Formation in the Grande Prairie area.
Digest Spark
July 4, 2018
AB & Northeastern BC
The 2019 Montney Regional Hydrodynamics Study is a significant update to CDL’s 2014 study as over 3,500 Montney wells have been drilled in that time. Significantly, liquids-rich fairways...
Technical Study
February 7, 2019
Waskahigan—Pine Creek, AB
Longer wellbores, more stages, and more proppant equals greater productivity for Encana at greater Kaybob.
Digest Spark
July 11, 2018
Lone Pine Creek/Swalwell/Twining, AB
The Wabamun zone is prospective for a group of July 25, 2018 Alberta land sale postings in the south-central part of the province.
Digest Spark
June 27, 2018
Wells Spudded May 1 to May 31, 2018
Activity inched up in May 2018, though still down substantially over May 2017. The most active zones were the McMurray, Viking, Montney and Clearwater.
E&P Analysis
June 27, 2018
Horizontal Multi-Stage Fracs Completed up to March 31, 2018
This analysis provides a play-by-play comparison of current completion practices, including metrics for cemented vs uncemented wells, technology, base fluid, number of stages, proppant...
E&P Analysis
June 20, 2018
Kaybob, AB
Wells completed with sliding sleeve technology show comparable production to wells completed with the more common plug and perf technology, but require longer pumping times.
Technology Update
June 13, 2018
Verger/Cessford, AB
Lower Cretaceous and Mississippian zones are prospective for a group of June 27, 2018 Alberta land sale postings in the southeast part of the province.
Digest Spark
June 6, 2018