Chris Podetz

Wells Spudded November 1 to November 30, 2018
Drilling activity in November 2018 was markedly lower than in October. The Viking was the most targeted zone, while Husky was the most active operator.
E&P Analysis
January 16, 2019
Getting Deeper into the Play
The Montney was once again a hot target for liquids-rich gas and oil in 2018, despite a slowdown at Montney North.
Feature Article
January 9, 2019
2/14-28-82-10W6 Kiskatinaw Oil
The first Kiskatinaw well drilled in the WCSB since 2015 shows there’s still life in the play.
Significant Well
December 19, 2018
Nipisi–Marten Hills, AB
2018 has seen a surge in Clearwater heavy oil drilling at Nipisi and Marten Hills. New production compares favourably to earlier development.
Digest Spark
December 5, 2018
Wilkie, SK
A large group of west-central Saskatchewan parcels have been offered up for the December 4, 2018 land sale in a largely unexplored area. The most likely prospects are Mannville sands.
Digest Spark
November 21, 2018
Arcola, SK
A checkerboard of Crown Land in SE Saskatchewan set for a December 4, 2018 public offering is prospective for Madison Group development and other potential targets.
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November 7, 2018
Veteran, AB
A traditionally bypassed Viking interval is the target of recent horizontal drilling in the Veteran area.
Digest Spark
October 31, 2018
Jarvie–Newbrook, AB
An emerging Upper Mannville oil play in the Jarvie area is similar in stratigraphy and development style to the Clearwater heavy oil play at Marten Hills.
Digest Spark
October 24, 2018
Inga–Gutah, BC
Interim land use restrictions within traditional Blueberry River First Nation lands in NE BC announced earlier this summer may curtail future Montney development.
Digest Spark
October 10, 2018
Nipisi/Utikuma Lake, AB
A large group of October 31, 2018 Alberta Land Sale postings north of Utikuma Lake are prospective for three Devonian zones.
Digest Spark
October 3, 2018