Chris Podetz

Willesden Green, AB
An industry example from the Spirit River at Willesden Green is used to demonstrate how gas-liquid volume conversions in public production data mask the true make-up of a well’s...
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March 13, 2019
2/5-27-68-7W6 Montney Gas
The longest Canadian well drilled to-date is a high-rate Montney producer in the south-central portion of NuVista’s Gold Creek play, where development is still relatively light.
Significant Well
March 6, 2019
Wells Spudded January 1 to January 31, 2019
Drilling activity in the new year rebounded from an execrable December, but was over 30% below January 2018 levels. The McMurray was the most targeted zone, and Suncor the most active...
E&P Analysis
February 27, 2019
October 1 to December 31, 2018
WCSB land sale bonuses were up 17% in Q4 2018 compared to Q3, but lagged behind the same period from a year previous, when bonuses totaled $280MM. Alberta’s top sales were for tracts...
E&P Analysis
February 20, 2019
9-11-26-3W5 Cardium Oil
One of the highest-rate Lochend Cardium wells to date recently came on-stream on the outskirts of Calgary.
Significant Well
February 13, 2019
For When You’re Bored of the Mon(o)tney
Development activity in many uncelebrated geological zones occurred throughout the WCSB over the 2018 review period. Certain intervals yielded resources other than oil and gas.
Feature Article
February 6, 2019
Wells Spudded December 1 to December 31, 2018
A high oil price differential took its toll as December 2018 drilling fell off drastically in the WCSB. Husky remained the top operator, and the Montney was the most targeted zone.
E&P Analysis
January 30, 2019
A Steady Performer Carries On
Madison Group development in 2018 kept up a strong pace through Vermilion’s acquisition of Spartan, 2017’s most active operator, and a change of focus for Crescent Point.
Feature Article
January 23, 2019
A Good Year for Liquids
Pembina once again hosted the majority of Cardium wells in 2018, but drilling beyond the heartland returned some high-rate producers.
Feature Article
January 23, 2019
Wells Spudded November 1 to November 30, 2018
Drilling activity in November 2018 was markedly lower than in October. The Viking was the most targeted zone, while Husky was the most active operator.
E&P Analysis
January 16, 2019