Significant Well

13-33-32-24W4 Pekisko Oil
Pine Cliff’s foray into horizontal Pekisko oil development is one of the Twining area’s top Pekisko producers, and an indication that the play has room to grow.
Significant Well
May 28, 2019
2/10-6-50-1W5 Upper Mannville Oil
Blackspur’s Sparky horizontal development well at Leduc-Woodbend exhibits the highest IP rate in the area to date.
Significant Well
April 30, 2019
2/5-27-68-7W6 Montney Gas
The longest Canadian well drilled to-date is a high-rate Montney producer in the south-central portion of NuVista’s Gold Creek play, where development is still relatively light.
Significant Well
March 6, 2019
9-11-26-3W5 Cardium Oil
One of the highest-rate Lochend Cardium wells to date recently came on-stream on the outskirts of Calgary.
Significant Well
February 13, 2019
2/14-28-82-10W6 Kiskatinaw Oil
The first Kiskatinaw well drilled in the WCSB since 2015 shows there’s still life in the play.
Significant Well
December 19, 2018
13-15-48-26W4 Upper Mannville Oil
Altura has drilled a successful horizontal well in the Upper Mannville, resulting in one of the largest conventional oil discoveries in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) in the...
Significant Well
September 5, 2018
7-30-50-22W5 Cardium Gas
Tourmaline follows up on the top well of 2017 with another Cardium IPmax blaster at Anderson.
Significant Well
April 11, 2018
2-7-43-7W5 Spirit River Gas and Oil
Recent horizontal wells at the southern end of the Spirit River Deep Basin play are providing Obsidian and other operators with high liquids yields.
Significant Well
March 28, 2018
3-14-47-14W5 Belly River Oil
Boulder Energy adds to its oil production at Brazeau River with new high rate horizontal wells targeting Upper Belly River sands.
Significant Well
November 29, 2017
6/9-9-64-4W6 Montney Liquids-Rich Gas
Reduced frac spacing appears to be paying dividends for 7Gen at Kakwa as its extremely condensate-rich 6/9-9-64-4W6 well is the top producer thus far in 2017 on an IPmax basis.
Significant Well
October 19, 2017