Upper Mannville Fluvio-Deltaic West

The Emerging Clearwater Heavy Oil Play on the Edge of the Oil Sands
A new cost-effective Clearwater heavy oil play is emerging at Marten Hills in an area traditionally known for large-scale, capital-intensive oil sands SAGD operations.
Exploration Review
June 20, 2018
Cessford, AB
Recent activity in the Glauconitic Sandstone and the Pekisko are likely driving the April 5, 2017 land sale at Cessford.
Digest Spark
March 15, 2017
Leduc–Woodbend, AB
The Nisku and the Glauconitic Sandstone are targets of the December 7, 2016 Alberta Crown land sale postings in the Leduc–Woodbend area.
Digest Spark
November 23, 2016