Birchcliff Energy

A Comparison of Production Areas
An analysis of how geology and completions influence production and economics in the Charlie Lake at Valhalla, Mulligan–Earring, Cecil and Worsley.
Resource Play Overview
June 22, 2017
Sinclair, AB
Birchcliff proves up reserves and drilling locations in the Upper Montney.
Digest Spark
June 24, 2015
Birchcliff Energy
Birchcliff Montney’s exploratory test at Elmworth yields strong flow rates and extends the play to the northwest.
Significant Well
June 18, 2015
A Developing Liquids-Rich Unconventional Play
Through horizontal technology, a number of operators, large and small, are finding and exploiting incremental light oil and liquids-rich gas from this emerging Charlie Lake resource play.
Exploration Review
September 25, 2014
Worsley, AB
Calgary-based intermediate Birchcliff Energy is continuing to outperform expectations as it continues to expand the Triassic light oil resource play identified on its North District acreage...
Digest Spark
June 30, 2011
Cornwall/Economy Creek, AB
New players lead the charge in determining how far the Beaverhill Lake Sandstone play extends to the southwest.
Digest Spark
September 30, 2007
Glacier/Pouce Coupe, BC
This past summer and early fall have seen several multi-million dollar land sales in the Pouce Coupe South area where Doig and Montney horizontal wells are increasingly becoming...
Digest Spark
December 31, 2008
January 22, 2014 Alberta Land Sale
This two-section licence, which includes P&NG rights below the Cretaceous and below the Triassic Doig, is located in the Pouce Coupe Field on trend to the northwest with a number of...
Land Sale Review
June 30, 2014
March 5, 2014 Alberta Land Sale
These four northwestern Alberta multi-section licences, which include mostly P&NG rights below Triassic Charlie Lake, Halfway and Doig formations are located in the Progress and Gordondale...
Land Sale Review
April 30, 2014
March 19, 2014 Alberta Land Sale
These two expensive ($4,157-6,767/ha) northwestern Alberta licences, which include various P&NG rights from below surface to below Triassic Halfway, Doig and Montney, are located in the...
Land Sale Review
April 30, 2014