Ben McKenzie

April 1 to June 30, 2017
This quarter, 12 land sales raised $143.8MM. Land rights to 275,744 hectares in 784 parcels were distributed to 157 purchasers. These totals are up 8% from 2017 Q1 when $132.7MM was raised...
E&P Analysis
August 24, 2017
Wells Spudded July 1 to July 31, 2017
This review of July well spuds shows where companies are active and what targets they are pursuing.
Digest Spark
August 16, 2017
Wells Spudded June 1 to June 30, 2017
This review of June well spuds show where companies are active and what targets they are pursuing.
Digest Spark
July 19, 2017
Big Muddy-Skinner Lake, SK
Sixty-eight sections posted in southeastern Saskatchewan have potential for expanding the production boundary westward.
Digest Spark
July 19, 2017
Bolloque/Perryvale, AB
Two large groups of postings in central Alberta may have potential as a new Duvernay play area.
Digest Spark
June 21, 2017
Potential in Underdeveloped Areas
Large areas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin are yet to be tested with modern completions technology.
Exploration Review
April 20, 2017
Cessford/Michichi, AB
Chances of finding a new pool in this large group of southern Alberta postings for February 8, 2017 are good, but the pool probably won’t be very big.
Digest Spark
February 1, 2017
Sylvan Lake/Ferrybank, AB
The land department must have had fun putting together these two large clusters of postings in central Alberta.
Digest Spark
January 18, 2017
Western Canada
From January 2006 up until January 2016, 14,627 new oil and gas pools have been discovered and brought into production in Western Canada.
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January 4, 2017
Pincher Creek/Taber/Templeton, AB
The land sale season starts off the new year with a trio of large parcels in southern Alberta.
Digest Spark
December 14, 2016