Technology Update

Completion Technology Update
Technological advancements are allowing operators to implement coil-activated sliding sleeve technology in deep, high-pressure reservoirs such as the Montney and Duvernay. Operators are...
Technology Update
May 25, 2017
Slickwater, Gelled Water, Surfactant, Oil, Hybrid, Other
Hydraulic fracturing is the pumping of a fluid system into a reservoir using high pressure. A variety of fluid systems exist, each with distinct characteristics that affect fracturing...
Technology Update
March 24, 2016
Proppant Types (Sand/Resin-Coated/Ceramic), Sizes and Volumes
As completions using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing are more widely employed to develop oil and gas production, their success rests on the support of proppants. This article provides an...
Technology Update
July 23, 2015
Ball & Seat | Coiled Tubing | Plug & Perf | Hybrid
Over the past decade, the increase in the deployment of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing has caused the evolution of completion technology. This article provides an overview of the various...
Technology Update
March 26, 2015
Part II: SAGD and CSS Technological Advancements
This article delineates and compares SAGD and CSS hybrid steam-solvent processes currently being developed: SC-SAGD, SAP, ES-SAGD, FA-SAGD and LASER. An overview of current Alberta in situ...
Technology Update
October 30, 2014
Part I: A Review of Five Existing and Emerging Technologies
This article delineates and compares SAGD, CSS, THAI, N-SOLV and ET-DSP based on the methods employed to reduce viscosity and produce bitumen, while also providing insights into the various...
Technology Update
September 25, 2014